Monday, July 12, 2010

On The Internets 07.12.2010

  • The NRA is associated with "the left"? Since when? I hadn't heard, but apparently some influential power brokers on the right are upset at the powerful gun lobby for its willingness to work with, and even endorse, moderate Republicans and Democrats. "Critics cite a list of transgressions, from considering an endorsement of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), to endorsing moderate Republicans — and even Democrats — rather than their more-conservative challengers, to taking a cautious approach to Second Amendment court cases and President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees." Considering that the fight over gun control is all but lost, and the last major Democrat to advocate it was Al Gore in 2000, it seems that right wing criticism is unfounded. The NRA has always claimed it was non-partisan. Still, no actual liberals ever get the organization's endorsement, so I think its place as a (basically) Republican lobby is safe.
  • Don't believe that the current level of Republican obstructionism is unprecedented? Think again. During the first year of the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, 91% of their judicial nominees were confirmed by the Senate. For President Obama, the number is 36%. But, I'm sure the Republicans will find a way to blame the president, since that is pretty much all they do these days.
  • Finally a little candor on the economic scheme that the Republican Party has been operating under for the better part of thirty years. Top Republican John Kyl (R-AZ) said on Fox News yesterday that cutting taxes for the wealthy will add to the deficit, but that does not matter, and does not have to be offset. Extending benefits for the unemployed...must be offset and cannot be allowed to add to the deficit. "You do need to offset the cost of increased spending, and that's what Republicans object to. But you should never have to offset cost of a deliberate decision to reduce tax rates on Americans." That, in a nutshell, is the economic philosophy of the GOP: the wealthy have to get their tax cuts, the unemployed can go fuck themselves. George W Bush and Ronald Reagan could not have said it any better. Is it any wonder that Republicans nearly destroyed the entire US economy when they were in charge? They know that trickle down economics is a lie, yet they push it anyway.
  • Legendary comic book author Harvey Pekar has died. He has been writing the comic American Splendor since 1976. Pekar's odd take on the monotony of life garnered him a devoted following. In 2003 a movie about his life was made and Paul Giamatti played Pekar in the film. Pekar was 70 and had been suffering from prostate cancer.

  • Stereolab frontwoman Laetitia Sadier is releasing her first solo album. The album will be called The Trip, and will be released September 21 on Drag City Records. Stereolab is on an indefinite hiatus.
  • Add the star of MTV's Jersey Shore to the list of "Hollywood conservatives." The orange-skinned, pint sized Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi told Megan McCain in an interview that she voted for Megan's "cute" dad in 2008. She is still a supporter because of McCain's strong anti-tanning tax stance, "Um, I really don’t see the reason why there would be a tax on tanning, because so many people go tanning even though they’re not, like, Guido/Guidettes. People go tanning because they like to feel tan. You feel more sexy when you’re tan and I don’t understand why you would tax on that, because you’re making yourself feel more happy about yourself. So I really don’t understand why that would be, but you know, whatever." Exactly, Snooki. Sounds just as smart as the rest of the Republicans out there...
  • Here is a bit of science news that won't prove controversial. Scientists have discovered the perfect way to pour a cup of coffee. "The problem is that the coffee that initially comes through the filter is much stronger than that which comes out last, so the coffee at the bottom of the pot is stronger than that at the top," says Robert M. Richman. "Swirling the pot does not homogenise the coffee, but using the proper pouring pattern does." Well, now that it has been settled, I'll start perfecting my pouring technique.
  • A very rare KISS demo recording from 1976 has just been discovered. The song is called "Smoke" and was recorded, supposedly, in 1976. The song is an early version of the KISS classic "Mr. Speed," but this version has a definite "Jumping Jack Flash" element to it. That might explain why it was never used. Either way...


T. Paine said...

I have known the NRA to endorse Democrats that were pro-2nd amendment rights. The fact that the NRA doesn't endorse many, if any Democrats today is because none of the Democrats give a damn about the Constitution, let alone our 2nd amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

As for "trickle down economics" you evidently are ignoring facts and history STILL. When you signficantly cut taxes, this puts more money into the economy as people will typically spend that money. The rich will reinvest it in their businesses or buy larger items. This creates more jobs and thus creates more people paying taxes.

Reagan cut taxes and federal receipts to the the treasury INCREASED! The problem was that the damned Democratic congress under Tip O'Neil spent $1.50 for every dollar of income received. Once again, it is the SPENDING by government that is killing us.

Dave Splash said...

Except Reagan raised taxes - significantly- seven times while in office. Here is former Republican Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY): "Let’s just disengage ourselves from the myth that Ronald Reagan never raised taxes. He did. And here are four big ones. So I hope this will clear the air for some of the groups today. In 1982, the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act, that rolled back about a third of his ‘81 tax cuts, raised corporate tax rates, and to a lesser extent income tax rates. Raised taxes by almost one percent of GDP, which at that time was the largest percentage in peacetime increase ever. 1982 gas tax increase, 1983 Greenspan commission raised payroll taxes…Then there was the 1984 deficit reduction tax…Then there was the Railroad Retirement Revenue Act, Consolidated Omnibus Budget of ‘85…So there were a lot of them. Just thought I’d throw that in."

And trickle down economics is a proven failure, even it's early 80s proponents have admitted this. The idea that the government will have more revenue by taking in less might still fool a bunch of idiotic teabaggers these days, but that doesn't make it right or successful. The notion that Reagan just cut taxes and -- poof -- the economy recovered is pure fantasy.