Monday, July 26, 2010

Context Is Everything: Andrew Breitbart Loves Al Qeada

This shocking (and totally unedited or altered in any way) video of Andrew Breitbart shows the right wing provocateur in front of a conservative, tea party audience, offering praise to Al Qeada as well as his allegiance. He attacks regular Americans in "flyover country" as he calls it, and claims he prefers the company of terrorists. So, using the Breitbart school of jumping to conclusions, I guess we can now agree that the tea party supports Al Qeada or at least tolerates supporters in its midst (they applaud loudly when he says he "hearts" Al Qeada).

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Snave said...

Well, they most definitely seem to be against anything Obama is in favor of, because their movement seems to be less about wanting smaller government and fewer/lower taxes than about simply trashing Obama personally and getting him out of office.

Their types were calling us terrorists, etc. when we were so anxious for Bush and Cheney to be gone, so they shouldn't think of it as such a big deal or as something abnormal if we say similar things about them now.

Starting with calling them all Al Qaeda sympathizers is o.k. Using stuff like Breitbart's comments out of context? Hey, why not! LOL! We should be as aggressive as they are. It will help us hang onto more seats this November. And I guess because desperate times call for desperate measures (and anyone who is a centrist or to the left of that should be DESPERATE for these types to not be elected to our Senate and Congress), I think having all kinds of fun with semantics is just fine.