Monday, June 7, 2010

Would Be A Lot Funnier If It Weren't True


J. Marquis said...

That top picture should be in the Irony Hall of Fame.

Dave Splash said...

It's too bad conservatives don't grasp the concept of irony.

T. Paine said...

Irony? You mean like Obama campaigning on having the "most trasparent administration in history" type of irony?

Or perhaps the post-partisan, post-racial world we were promised under his leadership? Do you mean that kind of irony?

Or that he said the buck stops with him regarding the BP oil spill as he continues to dither on the sidelines and have concerts at the White House? Yeah, I get the concept of irony.

It's funny where you can find it, if you only look!

Dave Splash said...

Oh, and speaking of irony, you don't see any in the fact that you attack Obama for a lack of transparency (a blatantly false charge), yet just the other day you defended Dick Cheney's secret meetings with energy companies at the White House in 2001. Sounds pretty transparent. And nothing at all was untoward about Cheney getting a $34 million golden parachute from the same company - Haliburton - who gets billions in government contracts in Iraq and the Gulf of Mexico under his watch?

Add transparent to the list of concepts conservatives just don't get.