Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dick Cheney Hospitalized

Isn't this about his 100th heart attack? When is that evil bastard just going to die already?

Oh, and to those who are "offended" by my question about the potential death of the former VP...sorry, but you opened the door with your incessant, baseless, and truly offensive comparisons of President Obama to Hitler. If that's not out of bounds, then neither is this.

Fuck you, Dick.


T. Paine said...


For the record, I have pictures of Bush/Hitler that the left carried through-out his presidency.

If I am not mistaken, I bet I could find similar pictures and comments regarding Reagan too.

Your disgust, once again, seems to be directed according to your political agenda instead of being consistent across the board, Dave.

Dave Splash said...

Go ahead and prove it. There were anarchists at G8 and G20 meetings that had those signs, not rank and file American liberals. And furthermore, no Democrat ever went on the House floor and compared President Bush to Hitler the way Rep. Louis Gohmert did last week. Never happened. Can you find one?

And if I had seen that, I would have uniformly condemned it, the way it should have been. The difference here is that you believe the Obama=Hitler nonsense. You have now defended it on more than once occasion. My disgust is directed at people on your sad, little slimy side of the aisle.

There used to be decency standard in American politics. We could disagree without being disagreeable. Conservatives have been trampling on that standard for the last 15 years. And have completely erased it in regards to President Obama. Your side has lost its freakin' mind, and its sense of decency.

I think, now, it's about time my side did too. We can't bring a knife to a gun fight. We need bigger guns to blow your side away.

Oh, and don't think that was a threat of violence, it was just metaphor. Remember, that's how it's played these days.

T. Paine said...

Here are just a smattering of links found out of hundreds, if not thousands, of American leftists having made such comparisons.

I recall seeing a banner on the Mall in Washington during the Iraq war of some idiots that said, "Bush and Hitler, killers of nations" when the comparison was absurd.

Further, the Iraqis are now free to live and elect their own leaders, thanks to Bush, regardless of what else you think about the war.

I would also submit to you that while the GOP is not innocent of charges, your beloved Democrats and/or liberals have long played at some of the most despicable uncivil language towards conservatives for far longer. I give you the Viet Nam era leftist and all of their hateful rhetoric of the day as examples.

Dave Splash said...

One example you gave was a playwright, another a single academic study at a university, another was a single reporter (who was fired), and yet another was a comic strip illustrator. Where are the similarities you claim? Where are Democratic members of Congress comparing a Republican president to Hitler on the floor of Congress? Where is a former VP candidate for the Democrats urging people to read a column that compared a Republican president to Hitler?

Your examples are weak, and not on point. I stand by my assertion that the right has lost all sense of perspective and decency. Political differences are treated as treason, losing an election is considered tyranny, and bringing guns to a town hall meeting with the president is considered patriotic by today's right wing.

You guys have gone off the deep end.

T. Paine said...

I guess I wasn't clear on the parameters, Splash. How about this one from a Democrat Congressman:

Or this one from a HUGE DNC support group that our Speaker of the House along with MANY other congressional Democrats have reciprocated support for (

Political differences are fine and expected. They are even healthy for our nation as ideas are debated.

Knowingly and intentionally doing things which are specifically outlawed by the very Constitution that members of congress have sworn an oath to defend IS treasonous though.

Losing an election does not result in tyranny unless a man that does not respect and defend the law of the land is the man that wins office. One that makes law by fiat or executive order and ignores existing Constitutional law would indeed meet the definition of tyrant.

Some would argue that President Obama has already crossed that line. At the very least, he is in danger of meeting that definition if he continues to thumb his nose at the Constitution.

Dave Splash said...

Your first example is a better one, and I would certainly not endorse that Congressman's opinion. In fact, I condemn it. I won't try to make some illogical, factless, pseudo-intellectual argument that Bush really is like Hitler.

There is nothing Hitler-esque about Ronald Reagan, George W Bush, and Barack Obama. This should be something that every American understands and agrees with. Period.