Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Is Who Conservatives Support in Nevada Over Harry Reid? The Chicken Lady?


T. Paine said...

She gets it! Liberals don't!

Reid will be done with his senate career in just a few more months... THANK God!

Dave Splash said...

She gets it? What exactly does she get? That we should barter with chickens for health care? Yeah, I can see all of the heart surgeons lining up to do that triple bypass in exchange for a donkey.

Do you right wingers ever even listen to the nonsense you spew out everyday?

But maybe "the left" made her say something so patently idiotic, eh?

T. Paine said...

One of the many reasons why health care is so expensive is because we have insurance to cover most of the cost after our co-pay/deductible.

If we paid for our medical care on the day to day stuff and only had insurance for catastrophic needs, the cost would come down. This is what it was like when I was growing up.

You get a cold, break an arm, etc. you pay the doctor for his services (which was considerably cheaper back then, even after adjusting for inflation.)

Further, if you have control of your own money and spend only what you deem necessary, you tend to be more efficient.

That is part of the reason why FSA's DO WORK to hold costs down. You pay for what you think is necessary because it is YOUR money you are spending and not the insurance companies'.

Doctors don't add unnecessary tests etc to cover themselves if you aren't going to pay them for those tests.

So yes, if a doctor will barter with you over price, that is far better than Obama setting what fees will be for all concerned.

Dave Splash said...

I think insurance companies are the problem, and are a huge part of the reason for the high cost. I wanted to eliminate them all together and have a single payer system, but your side argued it would be Armageddon, so we had to stick with insurance. As you all insisted. I remember the right wing battle of "save our insurance!"

But, if we're going back to the old days, how about eliminating anesthesia. I'm sure that's expensive. We probably don't need x-rays, right, we can just guess what's going on inside like doctors did back in the bartering days.

It sure would be nice if we could just set our own prices for things like in fantasy conservative world. But, see, when the doctor says the bill is $300, and you go to offer a chicken, you won't be getting treated there again.

Dave Splash said...

By the way, I very much hope the Republicans will run this fall on bartering with chickens for health care as a solution to the health care problem.

"Repeal Obamacare - enact Chickencare"

You can have that one for free.