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LOST Season 6, Episodes 10-11 Re-Cap

I realized today that I didn't post anything on last week's LOST episode, "The Package," so I'll merge episodes 10 & 11 together for this post. It is almost fitting as the two episodes focus on my least favorite characters on the show: Sun & Jin and Desmond.

Last week, it was all Sun & Jin. In alternate reality LA, we see how Jin wound up kidnapped by Keamy and placed in the freezer (where he was discovered by Sayid in the episode "Sundown"). In this reality, Sun & Jin are not married, but they are secretly seeing one another. Jin is in LA to guard Sun while she shops, and also to deliver a package to Mr. Keamy. But part of the package - $25K in cash - was taken by customs when they entered the US. Keamy is not happy about this. Sun claims she can get the money herself from a secret bank account she has in the US. Keamy holds on to Jin until they can make the transfer, and Mikhail (from the island, remember?) goes with Sun.

While Jin was being held in the freezer, he hears Sayid shooting Keamy and his men. Sayid gives Jin a knife to free himself, and departs. Jin is then forced into a gun fight with the returning Mikhail and Sun. During the battle, Mikhail is shot in the eye, and Sun (who had just revealed she was pregnant) is also shot.

Back on the island, Jin is kidnapped by Widmore's people, and Sun is surprised by a visit from Locke. Locke says he has Jin back at his camp (Sun and Jin have not seen each other in three years in this time line) and he will take her to him. Sun runs away and accidentally hits her head. For some inexplicable reason, when she wakes, she can no longer speak English. She understands it fine, but cannot speak it. At the end of the episode, Jack gives her a pad and paper, and she is able to write English. Weird.

Hurley returns to his camp with Richard in tow. Richard's plan is to destroy the Ajira plane so Locke can't use it to escape. Sun is not into the plan. Jack assures her that he will help her find Jin. Back at Locke's camp, he sees the aftermath of Widmore's attack on his people, and is angered that they took Jin. He sets out to confront Widmore. Before he does, however, he gives Claire his tacit endorsement to kill Kate. He reveals to Claire that he needs Kate to get the remaining candidates to the plane, but once that happens, Claire is free to do whatever she wants. So much for that tearful apology she gave Kate!

Locke brings Sayid with him to the other island to confront Widmore. But while Locke directly confronts him, Sayid stays behind to spy. He eventually discovers that Desmond is being kept prisoner aboard Widmore's sub, but he has no reason why. Enter episode 11, "Happily Ever After."

Let me start off this review by saying that I have never really liked Desmond (and cringe every time I hear him cry "Penny"). I understand that he is, perhaps, the most significant character on the show, but I still find him incredibly annoying. That being said, last night's episode was pretty major.

The episode starts with the captured Desmond being taken into a room with two giant electro-magnetic somethings. He is locked in the room and subjected to more electromagnetism than any human being could withstand. Naturally, he survives this "test" (makes sense since he has been exposed to that much EM once before on the island when the hatch blew) but is knocked out for a while. While knocked out, we see Desmond's alternate reality, and we see it start to crumble as well.

In Desmond's new world, he is the most trusted employee of Charles Widmore. He is single and has no kids. When he arrives from Sydney, he is picked up by a driver named George Minkowski. George was the communications officer that went insane on the freighter from the time traveling in the normal time line. Mr. Widmore offers Desmond some of his famous sixty-year-old Scotch and asks him for a personal favor. He wants him to retrieve Charlie from jail (where he has been since his "overdose" on the plane) and bring him to a concert his son is performing in. Widmore's son, Daniel (aka Daniel Farraday), is a classical musician who wants to perform with the rock band, Drive Shaft.

Getting Charlie to the concert seems to be a bit more difficult than Desmond had planned. Charlie tells Desmond the story of what was happening when he nearly died on the plane. He says he saw "love" - a spiritual, all consuming, real love - in the form of a lovely woman that he had never met, yet knew he loved. He knew what was real and what was not, and what he was experiencing now was "not." Charlie then grabbed the steering wheel of the car, and caused the car crash into water.

While underwater, and attempting to rescue Charlie from drowning, Desmond has something of a flash into his other reality. He sees the words, "Not Penny's Boat" written on Charlie's hand, exactly as it had been when Charlie died warning people about the freighter at the end of Season 3. He experiences another flash when he goes to the doctor's office to get an MRI. In that instance, he sees Penny.

Desmond then tells Widmore that he is unable to deliver Charlie to the concert since he has escaped. Widmore tells him that he must deliver the bad news to Mrs. Widmore - fka Eloise Hawking - in person. Eloise takes the news pretty well, but is angered when Desmond asks questions about a guest coming to the concert named Penny. He is told to leave, and that he is not "ready" to meet Penny.

Before he leaves, the Widmore's son, Daniel, tells Desmond about his experience of seeing someone he has never met (Charlotte) and feeling instantly in love. It is the same feeling described by Charlie, and prompts Daniel to write some advanced physics equations in a notebook. Odd thing is, in this reality, Daniel is not a physicist. He is a musician, remember? Yet the equations reveals a mind very gifted in physics. He then explains to Desmond his theory that the life they are living is not right, and that something catastrophic (i.e. an atom bomb) has caused things to change. He then reveals that Penny is his half-sister.

At the very end of the episode, Desmond and Penny meet, and seem to instantly know one another. He then calls his driver George and asks for a copy of the manifest from his flight from Sydney. On the island, Desmond is oddly serene and cooperative after his experience being nearly electrocuted by Widmore's experiment.

As we saw in previous seasons with Desmond, he is clearly what ties the various realities together; and he is the one who, it seems, will bring them into congruity now. But how could he do it? Bring the Oceanic Six (who he doesn't know, and don't know they even are the Oceanic Six) to the island in his current reality? Somehow, Eloise seems to know that Desmond was not "ready," but ready for what exactly? How is she aware of what he is ready for when they haven't even met? has created some videos that show the differences between realities (they call them a flash sideways, as it shows what would have happened if 815 had not crashed, but had landed in LA). Watch them here.

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