Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Girl Who Brought Down New York

It's a few years too late to be really relevant, but to those who wondered who it was that could separate former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer from his money (and cost him his job), the Ashley Dupre nude pictures are in this month's Playboy. Egotastic has some of the shots here.

She's good looking, I guess, but as a $5K an hour prostitute, I expected a little better.

Regardless, Spitzer did the respectable thing and resigned (unlike whoremonger David Vitter who refused to resign and is running again, but he's a Republican, so the rules don't apply). It's interesting, however, that as Spitzer began using his authority as Governor to investigate some of the shady Wall St practices that led to our near economic collapse in 2008, an "unrelated" investigation uncovered a bank transaction that brought him down. Amazing when you consider how many millions of bank transactions occur every day, yet somehow, this one just randomly came to the surface (when they weren't "targeting" the governor, of course).

Sounds like this entire scandal was little more than a set up by the Bush Justice Dept and the big banks in New York. Whatever. Enjoy the pictures.


T. Paine said...

Actually, according to the non-partisan, tax freedom day actually occurs one day later on April 9th compared to April 8th for the previous year of 2007.

(Tax Freedom day is an estimate based on the average amount of days of the year from January 1st to whenever necessary that it would take for a person to pay for his state and federal taxes. In other words, this year you effectively worked from Jan 1 until April 9th to pay those taxes. Everything from April 10th on is your net income for the year.) Of course this will vary by state, but 4/9 is the national average.

Further, states that if we had actually paid for all of the government services, in addition to Obama's 1.3 Trillion dollar deficit this last year, our national Tax Freedom Day would be pushed back to May 17th.

I know I paid far more in taxes this year and I can assure you that I make far less than $250K.

Dave Splash said...

Nice manipulation of figures to compare 2007 to 2010. Unfortunately, the reality is that we are working fewer days for the government under Obama than we were the last year of Bush. Not a ton less, but less.

And if your federal income tax went up and your income is less than $250K, then you have a really bad accountant. That's not Obama's fault.