Friday, March 5, 2010

Very Good News

According to an article in Politico, the GOP's money problems could damage their chances in the midterm elections.
"But while wind at one’s back is a good thing, cash in the bank would be better, and on that score Republicans are lagging behind. Their candidates have raised less than half the $84 million that experts estimate it will take to seriously threaten the Democratic majority in the House. The situation at the National Republican Congressional Committee is even bleaker."
The NRCC spent $34 million in the 2008 elections (which went badly for the Republicans, if you remember), yet only has $4 million on hand now for 2010. Might be a little difficult to "take back" Congress with only a fraction of the money they need.


T. Paine said...

I don't want the GOP to take back the House. I want AMERICANS to take back the country.

Dave Splash said...

Not sure I understand your answer. We took it back in 2008. Not much has changed since then.

T. Paine said...

Oh, a lot has changed, and for the worse, my friend.

We now protect terrorists, prosecute heroes, federalize private businesses, attempt to federalize 1/6 of the economy via Obamacare, provide tax-payer bailouts to companies that should be allowed to fail, play social engineering games with our military, protect and promote corrupt congressman and government appointees, legislate behind closed doors instead of with transparency as promised, and have a complete disregard for the American people in general.

Basically Pelosi, Reid, and Obama all lied their asses off when campaigning and then reneged on promises even more than the typical politician does.

That hope and change thing... it is coming, but it will be delivered with the exit of these fools from office, because it certainly has not transpired thus far with their having taken office.

Dave Splash said...

Nice recitation of the current Liz Cheney talking points. I didn't know you two were so close.

T. Paine said...

Don't know. I haven't heard Liz speak. If she has said the same thing as I just did, then she is evidently pretty smart. (Just like her father!)

Even if I was reciting talking points, which I was not, that does not invalidate their veracity in ANY way, sir!

Dave Splash said...

The veracity of saying that Pelosi, Reid and Obama have "lied their asses off" can definitely be called into question. Just because you don't agree with their politics, does not make them liars. When exactly did Obama lie? When he said he would end the Iraq War? He did. When he said he would pass health care reform? It will likely be passed by next week. When he said he would be bi-partisan? He tried, but the other side has elevated obstructionism to its highest level in US history? When he said he would be more transparent? I've seen more televised hearings, meetings, and summits during Obama's 14 months, than with all previous presidents combined. When he said he would restore the international standing of the US? The world stood up and applauded when he was elected. When he offered "change" from the failed policies of the past? Well, trickle down economics is no longer in effect, my friend. That's a change I can believe in. I earned more in 2009, than in 2008 PLUS I paid less taxes in 2009. So, thanks to Obama - I made more and paid less in taxes. How is that bad or a lie?

You have no case, sir. Just a political axe to grind.