Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Most Americans Want Health Reform

Despite all of the nonsense you hear from political talking heads on TV and radio, the fact is that most Americans want health care reform. Pollster Joel Benenson has a piece in the Washington Post, where he delves deeper into the current polling information and finds that (surprise!) the current conventional wisdom on HCR is wrong.

"In fact, two recent polls, including one with the most negative ratings on health care, reveal through follow-up questions that a significant number of people who oppose current plans do so because they don't go far enough rather than because they go too far. Not only is it absurd to suggest that these people would rise up against Democrats for passing the president's plan, it is far more likely that they would join others who support the plan and punish those who tried to block reform or voted against it."

Read the rest of the column here.


T. Paine said...

This is what happens when someone believes the propaganda of his own party. He is dead wrong on this.

An overwhelming majority in all un-biased polls clearly show that Americans do NOT want this current bill to pass. They want health care reform, but not in this manner and not of this Marxist agenda.

I am curious how you all on the left will spin this come November when Democrats are voted out of office in huge numbers, should they pass this un-Constitutional bill.

Dave Splash said...

This is what happens when someone believes the propaganda of his own party

You are exactly right. Which is why you need to watch something else besides Fox News, and stop getting all of your information from right wing sources. You are such a victim of the propaganda that you claim to hate so much. Yet, you repeat the same bogus talking points day after day that Fox News spreads on its airwaves constantly.

I know I am correct because of your continued use of wingnut terminology like calling this a "Marxist" plan. You simply cannot move past the caricature your side invented about what the plan is.

The so-called interview President Obama gave to Fox News shows just how delusional your side is about this bill, public reaction to it, and what it will and won't be doing. 1) There is no "government takeover" - that is a made up lie. 2) There are no death panels - another lie. 3) There will be no rationing of care other than what the PRIVATE insurance companies already do. 4) The plan is far from un-constitutional. This same factually challenged argument has been made about Social Security and Medicare, and it was wrong.

Besides, it is up to the Supreme Court to determine whether or not something is constitutional. Why your side has such trouble understanding this - and claiming Nancy Pelosi is guilty of treason for introducing this bill - is wayyyy beyond me.

Frankly, this will be my last time schooling you on what health care reform actually is. You want to believe your Hannity-approved nonsense, feel free. But those of use who deal in reality are tired of arguing against the same straw man arguments you've been making for years.

Your side had the chance to do it your way when you had unified control of government. Instead, you squandered your opportunity with a bogus war, tax cuts for millionaires, and a massive transfer of wealth to big pharma. The American people put Democrats in office to do what your guys refused to do, and we're doing it.

T. Paine said...

ROFL. Dave, I won't even go into all of the reasons why you are wrong once again. It doesn't matter.

The fact is that if this does come to pass, and a decade from now when what I say has come to be the truth, I wonder if you will admit that you were wrong.

For the record, I do watch PMS-NBC, read the NY Times and even occasionaly peruse the psychotic rantings over at Daily Kos. The entire reason I debate with you and other liberals is because I am interested in what the other side thinks.

About 95 % of the time you all are wrong. The other 5% I admit that I am wrong and change my mind accordingly. Let me tell you, I am NOT wrong on health care though, sir.