Thursday, February 11, 2010

LOST: Season 6, Episode 3 Re-Cap

LOST continued along the same lines this week with the two parallel story lines. The main emphasis of this week's episode is the return of Claire Littleton. In the LA story line, Kate escaped from the US Marshall and hijacked a taxi. Inside the taxi was a very pregnant Claire. If you remember back to Season 1, Claire was going to Los Angeles to meet the couple who were to adopt her baby.

After the taxi is hijacked and Kate is free of the Marshall, she kicks Claire out of the cab, and goes to a mechanic for help getting rid of her handcuffs. After that was handled, Kate looked through Claire's suitcase for a change of clothes. What she found, instead, was a collection of items that Claire intended to give to her baby so the child would know who its biological mother was. Seeing the extremely personal nature of the items, Kate returned to where she dumped Claire with the intent of giving her the bag back.

Back on the island, the Chinese man leading the Others reveals that his name is Dogan (sp?), but reveals little else. He wants to "talk" to the miraculously resurrected Sayid, but in reality, he wanted to conduct some tests on him. The tests appeared to be little more than torture, but after a few minutes, it stopped, and Sayid was freed. In a private conversation with Jack, Dagon (who strangely treats Jack with respect as though he knows a lot about him) tells him that Sayid will die without a special pill, and that Jack needs to be the one who gives it to him.

At first, I believed that Sayid's resurrection meant that he was now Jacob. After all, it was Jacob who suggested they go to the temple in the first place, and Jacob had recently died. I suppose all of the secrecy would make sense, and I assume that is what the note in the guitar case said. Was the torture a test to see if he was Jacob? Did he pass the "test" as they told him, or did he fail, as they discussed privately. If he failed, yet is still alive, is Sayid like Locke? Is he also a new version of the "Man in Black" or the smoke monster? At this point, I have no idea. I'm still thinking it's Jacob.

Meanwhile, a still grieving Sawyer hatched a plan to get himself free of the others. He liberated a gun, and told his captors that they could do whatever they wanted with the rest of the castaways, but he was leaving. On his own. This upset Dogan (who again knows much more than he is letting on), so he dispatched Kate, Jin, and two of his men to retrieve Sawyer and bring him back. Kate had her own plan.

In a throwback to an event from a few seasons ago, one of the men charged with escorting Kate is named Aldo. Aldo (played by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney) remembered Kate from their previous encounter and is still pissed. Regardless, Aldo was no match for Kate, and she was able to escape. Before she and Jin were free, however, Aldo's companion accidentally began to reveal some details about where (or when) they are now. He almost revealed what he knows about the Ajira flight with Sun and Ben, and then he let it slip that the French woman, Rosseau, had been dead for "years" (implying that they are no longer in the past, but either the present or future. Confused yet?).

Jin and Kate separated after knocking out Aldo and his friend. Kate went to find Sawyer, while Jin wanted to find Sun. When Kate eventually caught up with Sawyer, he gave a very emotional explanation about how some people - like him - are meant to be alone. Kate then revealed that her main reason for returning to the island was to find Claire.

Which transitioned nicely to a return to LA where Claire found out that the couple who had planned on adopting her baby were backing out. A shocked Claire immediately went into labor, and Kate (still a fugitive and driving the stolen cab) took Claire to the hospital. It looked like the hospital scene would be a cool parallel to events from season one on the island (where Kate helped Claire deliver the baby); especially when the doctor, Ethan Goodspeed (an other killed in season one who had kidnapped Claire), showed up. In this scenario, however, he stops the labor with chemicals, as Claire said she is not ready for the baby at that moment.

Just before the end of the episode, back on the island, Dogan reveals that the pill he wants Jack to give to Sayid will help prevent him from becoming "claimed" like Jack's sister. Jack's sister, of course, being Claire. And just as the episode ended, Claire emerged from the jungle, looking ragged like Rosseau and carrying a rifle. She shot the two men holding Jin. That was the end.

So what, or who, is Claire? Who claimed her? Jacob? The smoke monster? I thought that since she had appeared with Christian in visions (and Christian was supposedly a proxy for Jacob) that she was "with" Jacob. Now this could potentially change everything. Maybe Christian was not a proxy for Jacob, but was, in fact, the smoke monster in human form (which Locke is now) . This would make sense, since before the Oceanic Six returned, Eloise told Jack that he must bring something of Christian's to place in Locke's casket. So, does that mean that Eloise and Mr. Witmore are not aligned with Jacob, and instead with his nemesis? This is making my head hurt.

The preview for next week showed Locke promising to reveal to Sawyer why they were brought to the island in the first place. We'll see how much "revealing" is actually done. But since Locke is my favorite character, I really can't wait for next week's episode. I have a feeling that when this series ends, there will still be a million questions.

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