Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Know Your Father Better Than You Cuz I've Never Met Him

I saw this video over at Crooks and Liars, and was floored by it. In this clip from the Joy Behar show, Joy's guests are Ron Reagan, Jr. (son of former President Ronald Reagan) , progressive talk radio host Stephanie Miller, and a right wing pundit named Pam Gellar. I consider myself a news junkie who watches a lot of political TV, and I'd never seen or heard of Gellar before. After this embarrassing performance, I bet no one will be seeing her again.

The topic of discussion was Sarah Palin's recent speech at the Tea Party convention, and each guests' thoughts on the speech and Palin, in general. Gellar, naturally, gushes about how amazing Palin is, and how she didn't actually quit being governor, and that she has been "called" to lead the next revolution. Pretty typical wingnut blathering about Palin. But then Gellar tells Ron Reagan that "his father would love her." Reagan, who actually knew the former president, disagreed. He said, sure, he'd like the tax cut talk coming from the teabaggers, but the "ugliness" (name calling, racism, Nazi signs, etc) would be something the former president would not support. He also said he would not have supported Palin because she is such an intellectual lightweight. Gellar then went off the deep end, and claimed that she knew more about Reagan than Ron Reagan Jr. This is pretty crazy:
My favorite part of the video is probably when Reagan asks Ms. Gellar is she had ever met his father. She said she hadn't. She then responded by asking Ron if he had "ever met a thought" of his father. WTF?! Met a thought? I guess I don't speak idiot, because I don't understand how to meet a thought.

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