Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Got Those Juices Flowing Early in the Morning

Whoah. I just walked into work after a pretty weird experience at the convenience store a few minutes ago. Every morning before I go into the office, I always stop at a particular Kum & Go which is on my way. I get my coffee (and occasionally a Pop Tart) and head in. But today was different. As I pulled up, I noticed a woman parking her car in one of the handicapped parking spaces in front of the store. She got out of her car and walked in. Didn't seem handicapped to me.

I looked at her license plates, and they were not handicapped. She didn't have one of those visor permits either. This woman chose to park there despite there being a number of other empty spaces. While standing on line to pay for my coffee, the woman came and stood in line behind me. I don't know what came over me, but all of a sudden, I made an announcement to the store. They were witnessing a miracle!

"Look everybody! Just a minute ago, this woman was handicapped. Now she can walk! This is amazing." I continued on like this for another minute. The woman, rather than being embarrassed, got really angry at me, and followed me out of the store. I threw my receipt into the open window of her car. She freakin' lost it!

She began yelling at me and asking what my problem was. I told her that she isn't supposed to park in those spaces because they are reserved for people who actually need them. Her response? "So fucking what. I can park anywhere I damn please."

I corrected her. She cannot park anywhere she damn pleases. I then told her that the space was not for the mentally handicapped, but for the physically handicapped. Her clever response? "You're mentally handicapped." Ouch. Got me.

After another minute or so of mutual yelling and a number of F-bombs being dropped, the store manager came outside and told the woman to leave. He said he didn't want her business and to take off immediately. I smiled at her. She flipped me off. I drove to work.

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