Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yes, It's That Exciting At My House

As a sign of just how boring it has gotten in Omaha, I have been re-watching the entire Lost series to gear up for the premiere of the final season in a few weeks. I just broke into season 4 last night, so I only have a season and a half left to go. Seeing them again has been pretty cool, actually. Of course, knowing what is going to happen, in advance, does make the show somewhat easier to follow. But I think those who think the show is so complex are exaggerating a bit.

I'm excited to see which departed cast members will return for the final season. I'm hoping that Charlie, Libby, and Anna Lucia are among them.

I did take a little break last night (well, more than a little one, I guess) to watch the first four episodes of the new season of 24. It's too early to tell if this season will be good like the early ones, or completely unbelievable and unwatchable nonsense like the more recent seasons.

Jack Bauer is now a grandpa, which to me, says he can't be the most badass secret agent in the world anymore. I'll let others decide for themselves on that one. Elisha Cuthbert is back as Jack's daughter, though I have to say that she wasn't looking as good as she used to. But Annie Wersching (as Renee Walker) is also back, and she looks as great as she did last season. Seems like she's still a little off her rocker after her experiences with Jack last time around. Despite being fired from the FBI and charged with some sort of crime for her role in torturing a suspect, Renee is willing to go undercover with the Russian mob to help with the case. Good for her.

It always takes more than a few episodes to determine whether or not the storyline is any good in 24, so I have a little ways to go before making my final determination.

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