Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Media Ignores Landrieu Break In Story

When James O'Keefe's so-called sting on community organizers ACORN went public, the media was all over it. Every single Republican with a voice box was invited to come on TV to condemn them, and no one was allowed to talk to Mr. O'Keefe except Fox News to inquire about his methodology. Now that O'Keefe and three accomplices have been charged with illegally entering the offices of a US Senator with the intent to do harm, the media is, by and large, ignoring the story. Look at today's front pages of,, Politico, and the New York Times. There is not a single mention on the front page. There's that liberal media for you...

Only The Washington Post had the story on its front page today - very small and at the bottom. Call me crazy, but I thought that a break-in at the office of a US Senator might warrant a little more coverage than this.

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