Monday, November 30, 2009

So Huckabee Is Done, Right?

Somewhere - perhaps Alaska - Sarah Palin is smiling. Her chances at getting the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination just improved dramatically with the news that a second person given a get out of jail free card by Mike Huckabee has re-offended. In a very big way.

The current, career ending screw up from the holier-than-though GOPer was the sentence commutation of Maurice Clemmons. Mr. Clemmons had a long rap sheet filled with violent crime, yet while Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee made sure he was released from jail early. Once released, Clemmons moved to Washington state and began committing crimes all over again. He was released from jail last month with a pending case of child rape still coming up. Now, Clemmons stands accused of executing four police officers in Washington.

The last high profile fuck up from Huck came years earlier when Huck commuted the sentence of Wayne Dumond who had been convicted of rape. Huckabee, in the height of right wing paranoia, said that Dumond was railroaded by Bill Clinton when he was the governor. He set Dumond free. Dumond then raped and killed a woman shortly after his release.

Looks like Huck's chances of becoming president are gone. Not sure how to explain away the deaths of four cops. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...


T. Paine said...

I feel very sorry for the cops' families. As for Huckabee, he would have been a George W. redux as president. What we need is a Reagan; not another "compassionate conservative" Bush. (Besides, that phrase is redundant anyway.)

T. Paine said...

Well, as is typical of our wonderful mainstream media, they got the story wrong, on my further review.

Huckabee did commute the sentence from 108 to 47 years for this piece of human debris because at that time the state board recommended 5 to 0 to do so due to the fact that the crimes this loser was sentenced to as a 16 year old juvenile was for an unarmed robbery and burglary.

Now 108 years does seem a little overkill for those two crimes, particularly as a juvenile, considering most murderers don't get that for their crimes.

Further, the commutation to a 47 year sentence should have kept this loser in jail still. Instead it appears that the very prosecuter that is so quick to blame Huckabee for this may be the one that failed to file the papers to prevent this idiot from getting early parole.

Even though I am not a fan of Huckabee's, I am not surprised how quick you lefties jump to throw him under the bus.

I am all for calling a spade a spade and condeming even those on the right when they do wrong. Sure wish you liberals would have some honesty and do the same with the myriads of miscreants on the left.

Dave Splash said...

Sorry, Paine, but you are being incredibly disingenuous here. The media reported accurately that Huckabee commuted the sentence, and reported that the prosecutor and the judge in the case strongly argued against the move. The crimes (plural) he was sentenced for happened between the ages of 16-18, so some of them were when he was an adult. The prosecutor made his objection public, it was Huckabee and the board of prisons (appointed by Huckabee) that let him go. Those are the facts. Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck may disagree, but they will tie themselves in knots in order to defend a right winger (as it seems you will too).

As I pointed out in my post, this is not the first time that someone Huckabee lobbied to get out of prison re-offended in a major way. The case I cited, of Wayne Dumond, is especially egregious. Dumond raped a young girl and was caught. The victim was a second cousin of Bill Clinton. So, in right wing circles it apparently goes that raping a Clinton is not really a crime. Huckabee pressured the prison board in a similar way as he did in the current case, and Dumond was freed. The right saw it as a huge victory in their war against the Clintons. The problem is that Dumond then raped and killed another woman upon his release.

The problem is not the left or the media. The problem is Huckabee. I don't understand why you righties make everything a political issue. And, frankly, were you willing to look this deeply into the case of Willie Horton? Was there more to the story than "bad liberal loves criminals so he sets them free to kill?" I believe so. So, let's not have a pity party about how the media is so tough and inaccurate about the right. Puh-lease. You guys have your own fucking cable channel which runs 24 hour a day right wing propaganda. And - news flash - Fox is the mainstream media.