Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If She's Selling...

...then I'm buying. Pretty hard to say no to Heather Graham. She is the star in a new pro-public option television commercial produced by

In a slightly related note, how is it that Heather Graham has not aged in the last twenty years? Seriously, take a loot at her in Drugstore Cowboy or Boogie Nights or Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. She looks the same. Whatever her regimen is, more people should try it.


T. Paine said...

Too bad there isn't any common sense behind her good looks...just another Hollywood "expert" that propagates lies such as "70% of Americans want a public option." I don't know why lies like this surprise me,especially when coming from

Dave Splash said...

Well, I guess she's not as bright as Scott Baio, eh? Except, in this case, she and MoveOn are correct. Every single major poll shows support for a public option between 60-70%. That number has been steadily increasing ever since your teabagging whackjob buddies went on their scream fest at those town halls a few months ago.

T. Paine said...

I guess if you get your news from PMS-NBC, Daily KOS, or HuffPo then those are indeed the poll numbers you will see. They aren't accurate but I'll wait for you to be surprised when the majority of people insist that their representative not vote for any "reform" that has a public option.

Dave, if that weren't the case, and 70% of the public really does want this option, why don't the Democrats just pass this legislation on their own?

They don't need a single Republican vote to do it, and yet they won't because the blue dogs at least know they will lose their seats in congress next election cycle if they do. You libs are in for quite a shock next November, if things continue as they have been this year.

Dave Splash said...

With only 20% of Americans self-identifying as Republican, and the generic party ballot giving Dems a 10 point advantage, I wouldn't be as confident as you appear to be. This is not 1994, and Barack Obama is not Bill Clinton.

As for the "blue dogs" they will ultimately come around, or they will be voted out. They will lose their seat not because they supported a public option, but because they did not.

The idea of ending the monopoly status given to health insurance companies (a business model that was initially designed to be non-profit) and introducing competition is bi-partisan. Unfortunately, the members of the extremist GOP caucus in Congress are ignoring the wishes of most of their constituents, and instead pandering to the likes of Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

I suspect you righties will be unhappy for a third election season in a row in 2010. And good luck taking out Obama in 2012 with the crop of losers currently vying for the job. Palin, Pawlenty, Huckabee, Pence, Romney? Could any of them do better than McCain? Seems extremely unlikely.

T. Paine said...

Well we will see what 2010 brings. I will grant your point that the current GOP hopefulls are not very inspiring overall, but I suspect by 2012 Obama will have become so unpopular that any of them will have a good chance of replacing him in office.