Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Luck with That Boycott Wingnuts

After the NFL commissioner wisely weighed in against allowing Rush Limbaugh to be an owner of the St. Louis Rams due to his divisive and racist comments over the years, and the players union made it known that they were also opposed, el Rushbo lashed out and called the NFL, "an outpost of racism and liberalism." While there is, of course, zero truth to that, Rush's fans are taking to the streets (or to the computers in mommy's basement) to launch a boycott of the NFL.

I predict this "boycott" won't even last through this weekend. Personally, I already watch a lot of football. But now I will re-double my football watching efforts. Go NFL!!

(Of course overlooked by these silly wingnuts is that since 1989, the NFL owners have given money to mostly Republicans. So much for that outpost of liberalism...)


T. Paine said...

Amazing! Set aside the fact that the whole "Rush is a racist" nonsense is a lie that has been propagated by repeatedly saying so by the leftwing media, but now you and the left are going to be the thought police and say who can and cannot participate in making a purchase in a capitalist system.

I am sure glad that liberalism is already in decline, thanks to Obama and our current congress, or it wouldn't be long before it would be against the law for a conservative to purchase anything, let alone be able to exercise his right of freedom of speech. But then those rights are only meant for those that think the way you do, huh, Splash?

Snave said...

C'mon, T. Don't let the pot call the kettle black here... ! Heh...

Not when it comes to your last sentence, anyway.

And I really don't think conservatives are being persecuted in America, no more than Christians are.

As much as Rush has his right to free speech, the ownership group has the right to include him or not.

T. Paine said...

I agree, Snave, conservatives haven't been persecuted any more than Christians have. Of course Christians and conservatives are the only groups it is still fine to disparage and ignore the foolish tennets of political correctness regarding. This seems to be almost sport with those on the left....mosmotl

Dave Splash said...

Not sure why a private organization should be compelled to allow Rush Limbaugh into their little club just because he is a conservative. Who cares about his politics. The NFL is about as mainstream as you can get. Pretty much everyone in America likes football to some extent. The commissioner and some of the owners don't like Limbaugh's nastiness and divisiveness. I'm sure they wouldn't let Michael Moore buy the Detroit Lions if he wanted to.

There is no persecution of the right here (or anywhere actually), just a smart business decision on the NFL's part. The St. Louis Rams would be dogged by constant Limbaugh questions, players would be asked all the time. He would become the story instead of the team. Rush, being the megalomaniac that he is, would love it, but the NFL as a whole would suffer.