Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey, Sarah...Thanks, But No Thanks

I'd like to give kudos to former Alaska Governor and current Facebook user, Sarah Palin for her willingness to help out with the charity Ride2Recovery. Unfortunately, I can't. As with everything Ms. Palin says or does, there is a catch. One of the prizes being offered is the chance to dine with Palin and former "first dude" Todd. The dinner is being auctioned on ebay, and the highest bidder gets the meal and the enlightened conversation. The problem? The dinner is in Wasilla, Alaska, and the winner has to get there at his or her own expense.

That's right. On top of paying whatever ridiculous price you bid to get the dinner, you then have to spend more just to get to the middle of nowhere and claim the prize. Thanks...but no thanks.


T. Paine said...

Somehow I don't think your conversation with the Palin's would be all that civil of a debate, were you to win the grand prize, sir. (Not that most on the left are interested in civil and intellectually honest debate when the topic has anything to do with Mrs. Palin.)

I draw this conclusion from some of your past comments and the disgusting comments on the T-shirts of the youngsters in the picture for this posting. How the hell does that advance your cause or strengthen your credibility in an argument? All that vulgarity and crassness does is to make one seem naive at best and horrible ignorant at the other end.

While I typically agree with Free's points of view, I disagree with some of his over-the-top rhetoric of hate. You have now managed to match him in this manner, Mr. Splash. Congratulations....

Dave Splash said...

Right, Paine. Your side cares so much about civil debate. That's why you guys won't even allow President Obama to talk to kids about staying in school, and every wingnut is given their Obama = Hitler sign upon entering those "civil" townhalls to talk about Obama's plans to kill all old people. Yeah, that's civil. How many time have you personally called the president of the United States a Marxist or socialist. But it's okay when you do it, right?

But on the subject of Mr. Free, I didn't exactly see you chastising him for calling me a "fucking retard" or any of the other choice words he had for me. But I guess you were just impressed with his civility and the strength of his argument. Nice try.

Look I respect civil debate, but your side is not playing by the rules. All the Nazi, euthenasia, commie, where's the birth certificate crap has proven that the right does not want to debate. You want to shout down people who disagree, and you have little to no respect for the outcome of a free and fair election held less than a year ago. So, when the other side has no rules, it is silly for my side to keep clinging to them in the hopes that we can make you all reasonable.

The gloves need to come off. Palin is a dangerous demagogue. If calling her names diminishes her even in the slightest, then I'm all for it. Besides, she'll just lie and say the "left" is attacking her family.

Dave Splash said...

And watch this video for some right wing civility:


If you're not repulsed by that, then there is simply no hope for you.

T. Paine said...

I believe I have said that my youngest daughter is going to watch the Obama message and with my blessing. Believe me, I am often times not very pleased with some of the stuff that comes from "my side" either. That doesn't mean it is okay to use the juvenile excuse of "the other side does it so we can too". Didn't your mama teach you that two wrongs don't make a right?

As for my calling President Obama a Marxist or Socialist, it is not done as a pejorative in the sense to denigrate him. It is done because that is what his polices and beliefs seem to be. I have spelled out specifically in the past what those policies are as evidence of those well-warranted labels. That hardly is the same with calling George W Bush things like Hitler or Sarah Palin a cunt.

You call Palin and others of her ilk names as a long-standing Saul Alinsky tactic of "dimnishing" anyone that disagrees with your ideas so that they appear foolish and can be marginalized. Sometimes this even works with the willing assistance of the statist media.

Lastly, I said that I did not agree with Free's crassness and I do think it harms his credibility. Further, I think you are correct that I should stand up for civil debate and point out when he does engage in personal attacks. I will endeavor to do so going forward, sir.

Dave Splash said...

I know you claim that calling the president a Marxist is not done to denigrate him, but clearly it is. You know the power that words have, especially anything related to communism, considering our nation's recent history. I would argue that the right also uses the Alinsky tactic you describe, especially in the last month while dealing with health care.

Both sides get a little (or a lot) carried away at times. But I don't recall any Democratic members of Congress going on the House or Senate floor and claiming the president wants to euthanize the elderly, or trying to introduce a bill questioning the president's eligibility to be president. Republicans have done both.

A lot of the "but the left did it too" stuff is confusing international anti-war demonstrations with American liberals. In America, from 2001-2005, protesting against Bush could land one on a no-fly list, cause you to be arrested, or get you ambushed at home by a reporter from Fox News. Don't get me wrong, liberals did not like Bush, but the Hitler stuff was mostly outside of the US.

T. Paine said...

Splash, what other term can I use to describe the economic policies and actions that President Obama has taken if not "socialist" or "Marxist"? I use these words as adjectives, because I don't know another more appropriate word to use, imho.

I also seem to recall a LOT of Democrats in congress stating how Bush was illegitimate as president after the Florida election fiasco.

You are right about a lot of the overseas anarchists being behind the "Bush is Hitler" stuff, but I have also seen and heard this in my travels across the country.

I was shocked senseless with some of the stuff I saw in San Francisco regarding Bush back then.

It doesn't really matter though now. The bottom line is that I will cheer Obama on when he does good and I will attempt to only constructively criticize him when he does wrong. In that vein, I will try to curb my emotions and not refer to him as Lord Obama going forward. Cheers!