Friday, August 14, 2009

A Letter From the Nebraska Party

I received an email from the Nebraska Democratic Party yesterday. The message was sent to all registered Dems in the state, and it was sent at the direction of Senator Ben Nelson. The friendly note essentially tells liberals to back off attacking Nelson over his obstruction of health care reform, and to continue to support Nelson. Here are some choice sections (emphasis mine):

"It's true that Sen. Nelson is not a lockstep Democrat, which makes perfect sense because Nebraska is not a lockstep Democratic state. What might be a good fit for New York or California may have no place inside of Nebraska. Sen. Nelson is an independent-minded representative who thoughtfully and deliberately evaluates every side of each issue before making his decision. In other words, he is doing exactly the job we Nebraskans sent him there to do. Sen. Nelson has always and will continue to place Nebraska first."

"Now, one might think that with ample targets like this, out-of-state liberal activists hoping to pressure Nebraska's delegation into supporting health care reform would have no need to fall back on cheap tactics like knocking longtime Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson, who has made a welcome renewal of his commitment to comprehensive reform. "

Couple of things...this message is from the Nebraska Democratic Party, and they are praising Nelson for not going along with his party (the party that raises money for him, canvasses neighborhoods for him, volunteers at phone banks for him) on the single most important domestic issue of the last 50 years or so. Strange. Also, why is the "Democratic" party attacking "liberal activists" for "knocking" Nelson? I thought the Democratic Party was the liberal party.

The rest of the email then criticizes the Republicans from Nebraska for "lazy representation" and then asks Dems to "Thank him [Nelson] for his years of dedicated service to Nebraska"

I will do nothing of the sort. If Nelson does not fully support President Obama's health care reform plans, I won't be voting for Nelson again, and I am already withholding my money from the state party as long they keep defending his obstruction in this way. Remember, Nelson said he would not rule out filibustering health care, he was George W. Bush's favorite Democrat, and he was part of the "Gang of 14" that prevented Democrats from shutting down the Bush agenda in Congress. Nelson was a Republican before, and he switched parties. Obviously, his politics did not make the switch.

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J. Marquis said...

Wow. That is amazing.

When is Nelson up for re-election?