Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Just Started Watching Eureka

In the absence of some of my regular shows (and since I have little else to do these days but watch TV), I have just started watching the SyFy show, Eureka. I think the series is in its fourth season or so, but since I am new to it, I am renting the first season from Netflix.

It's a decent show. It reminds me a little of Northern Exposure, in that the show is set in a small, out of the way town populated by quirky locals, and an outsider is thrust into the community against his will. But instead of it being a remote Alaska town with a Jewish doctor from New York being sent in (Northern Exposure), Eureka is a small town in Oregon, populated by geniuses, and the outsider is a US Marshall who is assigned to be the town's sheriff. The whole "what the hell am I doing in this crazy place" thing is where the similarities end, however.

I'm still in season one, so I'm just getting a handle on all of the secret work going on in this town, and who all of the major players are on the show. But, hey, I'm digging it so far...

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