Friday, April 10, 2009

Make Sure To "Tea Bag" A Republican on April 15

Sorry for the gross picture, but I needed it to provide a visual for the upcoming "spontaneous" nationwide "protests" from conservatives and Republicans scheduled for April 15. The wingnuts plan to protest the fact that they lost the election, are completely out of power, and are completely out of ideas. Oh, and they object to government spending, unless it's done by a Republican Congress and President. The "tea party" protests are being organized by corporate lobbyists and Fox News, so you know it's a real grassroots movement (I can hardly type that sentence because I am laughing so hard).

Anyway, to keep in the spirit of the wingnuts, I want you all to make sure and "tea bag" a Republican in your area. Remember, you're doing it for America!

Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox had some fun with the notion of tea-bagging Republicans:

UPDATE: Here is a list of all the "tea bag" events according to wingnut-in-chief, Michelle Malkin. Make sure to show up. Hey, if you've never felt like the smartest person in the room, you will be at these events. Sabotage away!!

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