Thursday, April 9, 2009

Attention Conservatives: When You Add To a Budget, That Is Called an Increase

One can tell from basic conservative economic philosophy that the right is not very good at math (i.e. reducing the amount of taxes collected means more tax revenue is actually collected). I think it was former president George W. Bush who coined the phrase "fuzzy math." Well, in 2009, it would seem that only Republicans are engaging in this "fuzzyness."

Every single right-winger that can get him or herself in front of a camera, microphone, or computer is willfully lying about an issue that is easily dis-proven with simple math. The issue is President Obama's proposed military budget. The right is saying that Obama is "slashing" the military budget. But let's look at one simple fact that can easily, and indisputably, prove that claim false.

Last year, the Congress appropriated $513 billion to the Pentagon. In this year's budget, the Obama administration is proposing spending $534 billion. Now, explain to me how 534 is a smaller number than 513 and I will concede the point. Oh, you can't. That's right, because the new budget proposes a $21 BILLION INCREASE! Case closed.

The next time you hear the right and their friends in the media talk about a cut in military spending, write a freakin' letter and call them out on their lies. Comment on wingnut blogs telling them they don't get basic math, and if you are in the same room with a Republican member of Congress, ask them to explain how increasing spending by $21 billion is a cut. When they can't, ask why they continue to lie about such an easily proveable claim.

To normal people, more is more. To a Republican, this is not always the case.

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