Thursday, February 12, 2009

President Obama: Please Stop Working With Republicans - Just Work Around Them

It is now crystal clear after Senator Gregg (R-NH) just withdrew his name from nomination to be Obama's Commerce Secretary, that the Republican party, as a whole, is not willing to be bi-partisan. Their definition of the term is that they lead and Democrats follow. News flash! That's how it worked when they had the majority and the presidency, but not when they are in the minority.

President Obama has bent over backwards to be inclusive to (inferior) Republican ideas, but they could not even muster one vote in the House for his economic recovery plan. Not even one! And the thing was 40% tax cuts! It is crystal clear that the plan for the GOP is to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. And helping them in this obstruction are the so-called centrists on the Democratic side: Nelson (NE) and Lieberman (CT). Those two need to just admit what they are...Republicans. Fuck them both.

The election results from last November were crystal clear. The Republican economics of the last 30 years have been rejected, and the Democratic/Keynesian economics are being embraced. The tax cuts for the rich and spend policies of both President Bushes and Reagan have conclusively failed. Working with people who do not accept this simple fact is both pointless and dangerous. It is also against the will of the American people.

Bi-partisanship is nice, in theory. But when one party is as detached from reality as the current Republican party is, it is not a theory that should be put into practice. This entire Gregg mess should have put that into the proper perspective for everyone.

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TransformerGeek said...

Or maybe work through them - as in plow through them.

I voted for Obama, but I believe in what Paul Krugman of the NY Times (I think it was Krugman) said about Hilary Clinton: if she would have won the election, she would have been brutal to the Republicans who have flat out refused to offer any solution other than tax cuts to the top 10 percent of the population as a way to get out of this recession.

P.S. Bummer about Fucked Up's cancelled show last night.