Monday, January 12, 2009

What a Boring Weekend!

How was my weekend, you ask? Not all that eventful. I skipped out on Friday's Girl Talk show, and watched 24 Hour Party People instead. I had seen the film before, but I paid more attention to it this time. Enjoyed it more, too. Saturday, I woke up and hit the gym for a 2.5 mile run. Then, once again, I stayed in (such a nerd). This time, I watched Singles and Drugstore Cowboy (yes, two Matt Dillon movies). Actually, I decided to transfer all of my old VHS movies to DVD, and those two came up first. Fairly soon, I will no longer have any old video tapes lying around. Can't wait.

I spent Sunday mapping out my radio show. It was the first show of 2009 to feature new music (no more retro shows), which was exciting. I also did my little tribute to Ron Asheton of The Stooges by opening the show with a 20+ minute block of the band. Don't know if anyone else enjoyed it, but I sure did. Overall, I was pretty happy with the show, but I forgot one of my CDs at home, and it screwed with the flow of a certain segment of the show. Not a huge deal, obviously, but it annoyed me, nevertheless.

After NDR wrapped up, I went home and watched the season premier of 24. Before viewing it, I thought I might be done watching 24. Last season sucked big time, and that movie, Redemption, was pretty bad also. So far (and I stress "so far") the new season seems pretty good. Jack Bauer is on the hotseat from a Senate committee for past incidents when he tortured suspects, but is pulled out of testimony by the FBI because they need his help on a national security emergency. Former CTU head, Tony Almeida (who died a few seasons ago) is miraculously back, but is now working for the bad guys. Due to Jack's intimate working relationship with Tony, the FBI thinks he will have the best chance of catching him. There are some other storylines that interlock with this one (new female president, the 1st spouse "going rogue,"), but so far, that is the main theme for this season. Oh, and Janeane Garofalo plays an FBI analyst this season. How weird, but how cool at the same time. Another two hour episode airs tonight. I'm psyched.

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