Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LOST Returns Tonight

Season five of Lost begins tonight, and for the first time in the show's history, I am ready for it. It took a while, but I have now seen the entire first four seasons on either DVD or on re-runs on Sci-Fi.

I thought that much of the season four storyline involving the "Oceanic Six" was a little confusing, and the subsequent disappearance of the island was bizarre, to say the least. But while watching it, there were so many flash forwards (especially ones involving Ben and Mr. Widmore) that gave clues to this season, that I kind of feel like I have a handle on it. Clearly, season five will focus on a few main themes: re-discovering the location of the island (and getting the O6 to return), time travel, and the death of Jeremy Bentham (plus how Locke became known by that name and why Jack was so affected by word of his death).
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From what I have read online, neither Claire nor Jin are actually dead and will return to the show at some point. I have also read that the show will end after season 6, and that both five and six will be abbreviated seasons with extended breaks in them. This, of course, is an advantage of watching the show on DVD. Sure you have to wait until the season is over, but you can watch it in a shorter amount of time and without the interruptions!

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