Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Live Blogging (Obama vs. McCain Round 3)

Final thoughts: Once again, Obama clearly won this debate. This one is more clear than the first two. Despite the lack of moderating McCain's constant interruptions, Obama was still able to win. McCain looked like a less angry old man than he usually does, and he said "my friends" less than usual, but showed himself to be much more of a right-winger than many people had thought.

9:25: McCain ignores the fact that private school vouchers take money away from public schools. What about the kids without the vouchers? According to McCain...fuck 'em. They don't matter. He is more of a right-wing ideologue than I thought.

9:20: McCain claims taking money away from public schools is the "civil rights issue of the 21st century." WTF?! Civil right? What about gay rights? That is a civil right. Being against public education makes you an out of touch elitist, Mr. McCain. Not everyone has 10 houses, 13 cars, and can afford private schools.

9:17: I think McCain just lost the rest of the undecided women by claiming that an exception for the "health" of the mother in terms of abortion restrictions, is unacceptable. He is clearly an anti-choice extremist. The far right will like that, but normal, rational folks will not. Health is health, and not some nefarious way to abort at will.

9:12: McCain dismisses the idea of equal pay for women as a "trial lawyer's dream." Hmmm. How many women would agree with McCain that they should always be paid less than men and should not have the right to sue. Shocking.

9:09: McCain just lied and said he would consider a Supreme Court justice who supported Roe v. Wade. He never would, that is a fact. Does Sarah Palin agree with this notion?

9:05: John McCain, who has NEVER worked in the private sector and has had government health care (through the military and the Congress) since the day he was born, just attacked the idea of government health care. What a hypocrite.

9:01: McCain, once again, brings back Joe the plumber. Get over it. McCain then attacks England and Canada for providing health care to all citizens. Yeah, sounds pretty awful.

8:59: McCain is stumbling on health care. Says we need more walk-in clinics. Okay, but how does that help the uninsured?

8:55: McCain tries to look smart on free trade, but Obama gets him with the fact that labor leaders in Columbia are being targeted for assassination, so protections for labor need to be in these deals. McCain opposes the idea. Also, Obama talks about making sure our trade deals are fair to the US instead of how currently they benefit other nations by allowing their protectionism to remain. And despite Obama specifically saying we should avoid buying oil from Venezuela, McCain lies and says he wants to make deals with Chavez. Again, the moderator says nothing.

8:48: McCain clearly knows nothing about energy. Relying on him to get away from foreign oil is the same as just giving up on the idea.

8:46: Though Obama takes the high road with regards to Palin, McCain savages Joe Biden. He is obviously taking pot shots at Biden because Biden has been effective in his criticism of McCain, and McCain is so thin skinned.

8:40: My god, McCain lies as easily as he breathes.

8:37: McCain goes there with Ayers and Acorn. Says there are still "questions." Nonsense. This is the centerpiece of McCain's campaign. Let's face it, no matter what Obama says, McCain will not accept the answer and will have the same "questions" tomorrow.

8:34: McCain says he is "proud" of the people who come to his rallies. I guess he is also proud of the people who threatened to kill Obama. He claims he has repudiated the calls for violence "every time." That is a lie. McCain is a full-blown, 100% liar.

8:32: Will the moderator please moderate! Stop letting McCain interrupt every 10 seconds. Tell him to shut his pie hole and wait his turn.

8:31: Obama keeps his cool, as always. Calls McCain out on his stupid line about the town halls. And if McCain could raise any money on his own, he wouldn't be getting outspent by Obama. He still can't escape the fact that 100% of McCain ads are negative.

8:27: Schieffer bring up the nastiness. He asks if McCain will say those things to Obama's face. Then, McCain goes into his tired line about how if Obama had just agreed to those town halls, then the "tone" wouldn't have been negative. Really? So, Obama "pals around with terrorists" because he didn't fall for your stupid campaign stunt? This is the height of dishonesty.

8:23: Obama gets a dig in at Fox News and the crowd laughed. Nice!

8:22: McCain says again he will balance the budget in four years. This is, of course, bullshit. Then he says he's not Bush, and that he should have run four years ago if he wanted to run against Bush. Decent line, John, but your policies are no different than W's....Oh yeah, and the National Tax Payer's Union is a right wing organization, so who cares if they prefer you over Obama.

8:18: This obsession that Schieffer and Brokaw have with asking Obama what he would NOT do is bizarre. Obama has stated his programs are "pay as you go," but the moderator seems fixated on getting Obama to change his plan on the spot. This makes little sense to me. He is not in office yet, why does he have to alter anything?

8:11: Enough of Joe the freakin' plumber!!

8:08: McCain passes on his first chance to directly question Obama. It seemed awkward to me. Instead, McCain is trying to sound folksy with his "Joe the plumber" story.

8:07: Obama is wearing a flag pin on his lapel. McCain is not. Does he hate America?

8:04: McCain's eyes are all glossy and red. Is he high?

Here we go again. I'm live blogging the third and final presidential debate. Tonight's debate will feature some differences from the first two (they will be sitting next to one another) and some similarities (a pro-McCain moderator). It should be pretty interesting. Keep hitting refresh because I should be updating the post every couple of minutes.

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