Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Could Jim Esch Pull It Off?

The Cook Report is placing Nebraska's 2nd District House race between incumbent Lee Terry (R) and Jim Esch (D) as a "toss up." I'm not sure what Cook is seeing that others are not, as Pollster.com is showing Terry up by an average of seven points. I hope Cook is on to something, as I would really like to see Lee Terry go down this year. He is the epitome of a "do nothing" Congressman, and has been little more than a Bush toadie for much of his time in office. I can see no compelling reason why Terry should be re-elected, and his TV ads are among the sleaziest I've ever seen.


J. Marquis said...

Go Dems!

chelsea said...

As a resident of Omaha, I have to agree. Lee Terry hasn't done anything of note for Nebraska. Even a look at the OWH endorsement shows lackadaisical support.