Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Useless Junk On Ebay

This is too funny. Porn star, Teagan Presley, is selling her recently removed breast implants on ebay. Teagan, you may remember, was featured here as part of my porn star doppelganger series due to her resemblance to Britney Spears.

The breast implants are being sold in the "autographed collectibles" section on ebay, along with an explanation for the sale:
Teagan Presley, the name should ring a bell if you haven't lived in a cave. She's second to only Jesse Jane in the past few years for overall DVD sales, and up until April, Teagan was one of the exclusive contract girls for Digital Playground along side Jesse Jane. The implants she's had for two years encapsulated six weeks after she got them as she was pregnant and did not breast feed, and scar tissue made them hard as a brick. On Tuesday, July 1st, she had new implants put in over the muscle in a new pocket, and the prognosis is very good for them not encapsulating. As Teagan's fans may or may not know, she is going through a very expensive, very painful public custody and divorce battle, and the proceeds of this sale will go partially to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure fund for breast cancer cure, and the remainder will go to help Teagan pay for her divorce and the ridiculous cost of her new breast surgery. This is a great cause as Teagan is one of the classiest girls in the business, and certainly the nicest and most beautiful. We are not posting pictures of the display as a courtesy to eBay as not to break any rules, but it is in a beautiful frame along with an autographed copy of Babysitters (featuring these implants), as well as two autographed photos and the implants themselves, which have been medically sterilized, will also be autographed. You can check Teagan out on her myspace at myspace slash teaganunleashed.
Hmmmm....a porn star needing money for a divorce. Wonder what the problem was.

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