Friday, May 23, 2008

What Does John McCain Have To Hide?

John W. McCain is the oldest person ever to seek the office of the president. He will be 72 at the time of the election this November. Because McCain has had numerous health problems over the years, his health is a major concern for voters. To ease the fears of electing a man of his years, the McCain campaign has decided to let the media look at his medical records...for a few minutes while the records remained under the control of the campaign. No word on the thoroughness of what was presented to the media.

In an especially spiteful move, the McCain campaign decided to ban the New York Times from reviewing the records. So much for straight talk. The campaign selectively chooses which medical records to show, and which friendly members of the media will get to see them.

So, Cindy McCain refuses to release her tax returns, despite her money being used in the campaign, and now John McCain selectively releases portions of his medical records to friendly reporters. Sounds like secrecy is yet another trait John W. McCain has copied from the Bush regime.


Albert in Florida said...

You must LOVE Swervedriver. (Somehow I picked that up.) I think John and Cindy are simply an extension of the Republican plague on America. I can only hope that the Democrates take over otherwise all of the Supreme Court Justices will be Republican and individuals esp. women will have no rights.

Anonymous said...

I hear he also has an illegitimate black child (via Karl Rove).
Also, he had an affair with a lobbyist in the 90s (NYTimes).

These little assertions about McCain are interesting, no doubt. But why not attack McCain on actual issues of consequence? I mean, secrecy is kind of a vague concept. I imagine Obama will keep some secrets during his presidency - I'm sure he already has some.

So, how about McCain's apparent flip-flopping on torture? The inanity of the gas tax holiday? Why not discuss the all-important issue of NAFTA and free trade? Umm, and what about those farm subsidies McCain opposes? That kind of stuff matters more than McCain's snub to the NYTimes, IMO. Do it on The Dark Stuff Politics.