Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keith Olbermann - The Last Man Standing

Every time I get pissed off at the media for their utter cluelessness, their biases, their elitism, their refusal to acknowledge error, I am glad that Keith Olbermann is still a member of it. He is the only sane man left in the media. Thankfully, he has a forum to express exactly how angry and utterly disgusted by George W. Bush and his administration so many millions of Americans have become. Tonight's special comment will go down in history. Any network (MSNBC) that would allow Keith to say what needed to be said here can't be all bad.


Rakiah said...

Seriously, that was a surprisingly strong, impactual and spot on critique of the Bush administration.

Why isn't Olbermann the Democratic US presidential candidate. Based on that speech alone he has my vote.

Please tell Obama to watch this video and learn how to be unabashedly and unapologetically politically decisive on an issue. That IS what people want, voters flock to someone who is strong and seems to know exactly what he feels.

Triangulation leads to discombobulation.

Right on SeƱor Olbermann!

Tyrone Malone said...

Yo D-Splash!

I literally saw this joint two minutes ago on another blog and a brother had to drop a tear in support of K-O's fierce testimony.

I agree with Rakiah - Smooth Barack needs some fire like this. No need to front - just drop it like it's hot and tell it like it is. The media's been cuttin' that message with baby laxative for too long. K-O took it straight to the house and dropped some actual factuals that folks have been cravin' for a loooong time.

Good stuff, homey!