Monday, April 21, 2008

Bush Admin Plays The Blame Game On Iraq: It's The Air Force's Fault

Oh, this is rich. In a speech to officers-in-training at Maxwell Air Force Base, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, laid blame for failings in the Iraq War at the feet of the Air Force itself.

Despite being the head honcho at the Pentagon and being nurse maid to the Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Gates claims it is top military leaders (and not him) who are just not doing enough to help the failing and flailing war effort and are "stuck in old ways of doing business." (Translation = not loyal Bushies).

Gates then scolded the Air Force for not following the Bush plan of (literally) putting all of the military's eggs in one basket, and "focusing mainly on future threats."

Unbelievable. It is the civilians at the Defense Department and the Bush Administration whose lack of strategic planning is the cause of most of the problems in Iraq, yet Bush and Gates criticize the military for focusing on the future and thinking strategically.

The ultimate irony came in the form of this quote from Gates, "Dissent is a sign of health in an organization, and particularly if it's done in the right way." Yeah, ask all of the generals who wanted more troops before the invasion or the ones who didn't support the 2007 escalation. We now refer to them as the "retired" generals.

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