Thursday, March 6, 2008

John W McCain: Do Nothing Senator

While John W. McCain has found the time to show up for work when he has to vote on war, or to personally sanction torture, or to condemn a website, he rarely ever shows up for anything else. The Washington Post has created a list of the Senators who have missed the most votes in the last Congressional session.

John W. has missed nearly 57% of all Senate votes in the 110th Congress. He is second only to Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota who suffered a stroke in 2006 has been incapacitated since then.

So McCain shows up less than anyone else except for the guy who had a stroke. Heckuva job, McCain! I'm sure the people of Arizona are proud of the job you're doing.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and look who is number three.

Dave Splash said...

Yeah, it's Obama. But he has attended 60% of all votes, while McCain has missed nearly 60%. A major difference.

I still say McCain is the do-nothing Senator.