Monday, March 24, 2008

Is John W McCain An Anti-Semite?

It seems like a stupid question. But in today's guilt by association politics, it might not be. I found this article from September 2000, where Joe Lieberman (running for VP at the time as a Democrat with Al Gore) said he "respected" Louis Farrakhan. When asked if he would meet with the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam, he said, "I am very open to that."

So, Joe Lieberman was once willing to meet with an anti-semite. Lieberman is now a close campaign adviser and good friend to John McCain. By the transitive property of right-wing politics, this means John McCain is an anti-semite.

I expect a full report on this tonight on Fox News. Right?


Kvatch said...

Naw... I think they're both as old as the frickin' hills and, therefore, really, really, cranky!

Dave Splash said...

That goes without saying. But my point is that for Republicans, a person is guilty of something if they even entertain the notion of speaking to someone with controversial or disturbing views. There are plenty of wingnuts that are trying to say that Obama is anti-semitic because his church has done community social work in conjunction with Farrakhan. Well, Lieberman said he had "respect for" Farrakhan. McCain respects Lieberman. Therefore, McCain supports everything Louis Farrakhan has ever said and done. See?