Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Action Packed Weekend Coming Up!

Despite the weather report claiming it will only be in the 40s this weekend here in Omaha, I'm getting ready for Spring. As I'm writing this now, I'm sweating my nuts off in my office and looking longingly out the window at the sunny weather outside. Spring's arrival means I have to do my least favorite thing as a homeowner - yard work. My back yard is a freakin' wreck, and it ain't gonna clean itself.

Despite that unpleasant task, this weekend is shaping up to be pretty decent. I worked at Sokol last night for the This Is Hell show, so I am not planning on seeing any shows tonight (all that hardcore has made me want to sit inside my house and listen to something "soft" like Belle & Sebastian). So, tonight I'll probably end up watching a movie or clearing out my DVR of the back log of shows I have yet to watch. Sounds fun, right? It's called getting old.

Assuming I survive the yard work, tomorrow night boasts a decent show at Waiting Room. Jonathan Richman plays with Vic Chesnutt (tickets are $12). I've seen Vic a number of times, and he is a real treat - a very intense and personal songwriter. As for Richman, well...I do like The Modern Lovers. His solo material can be a little bit cheesy, however I am a jaded S.O.B., so maybe I will just never fully "get it." The club will be no smoking at Richman's request, so at least I won't go home smelling like an ash tray.

I want to do something special with my radio show on Sunday night, but I can't think of what to do. I have done all cover shows, I did one that featured only pre-Nirvana alternative music, and I've done "best of" shows (i.e. best of 2007). What else could I do? I was thinking about an all instrumental show, but I wonder if I have enough material. Does anyone have any ideas? I'd need them by Sunday morning...

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