Sunday, February 24, 2008

Podcast #23 Available Now!!

After another hiatus, I have returned with Podcast #23. This episode is part of a new series I am starting on obscure, under-appreciated bands from 1990s that I think you should know more about. For #23, I am focusing on the San Francisco band The Mommyheads.

The band existed from 1987 - 1997, released four full-length albums, one EP, and numerous singles. They began as something of an eclectic, arty, XTC-inspired pop band (think of 'English Settlement' for a reference) and gradually became a streamlined, polished, professional, rootsy rock band with enormous commercial potential (think of The Band). It didn't happen for them, however.

Despite grabbing the attention of veteran record producer Don Was, and securing a contract with Geffen Records, the band was met with indifference by the late 90s music industry and had its career cut short after only one major label album.

I hope you enjoy the show and it prompts to scour the used bin at your local record store looking for Mommyheads CDs.

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