Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton: You're DONE! Get The Fuck Off The Stage!

Senator Clinton, you have officially gone too far, and have now worn out your welcome. Your desperate and failing campaign for the Democratic nomination should be ended now. It should end for the sake of the party, and for the Clinton presidential legacy.

You have reached a new low with your recent attempt to smear Senator Obama by distributing photos of him in traditional Somali attire. The pictures are intended to leave the impression with less informed voters that Obama is Muslim. He isn't. You know this, yet you are perfectly comfortable disseminating this false impression and trying to confuse and/or scare voters.

You have been losing primary after primary by margins that average 20%. This is not close. Democrats have stated their preference, and that preference is for Barack Obama. Now, be an adult, and exit the stage gracefully. Do NOT sabotage the election for the Democrats thinking it will position you for the 2012 election. It won't. You will be finished in the party if you continue down this scorched earth path.

Your campaign does not deny distributing the pictures. In fact, your campaign manager, Maggie Williams, arrogantly insists that by complaining about this sleazy tactic, it is Obama that is being negative and divisive. This could not be further from the truth. This action and the accompanying cynical statement from Williams is the epitome of Rovian politics. You should be ashamed and embarrassed.

Obama campaign manager, David Plouffe, issued the following statement, "On the very day that Senator Clinton is giving a speech about restoring respect for America in the world, her campaign has engaged in the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we’ve seen from either party in this election. This is part of a disturbing pattern that led her county chairs to resign in Iowa, her campaign chairman to resign in New Hampshire, and it’s exactly the kind of divisive politics that turns away Americans of all parties and diminishes respect for America in the world."

Senator Clinton I have defended you for months now. I will no longer do so. You are done to me. Your campaign is over, but do you really need to drag down the party with it? Please stop this madness and go back to Washington. Serve the people of New York as you have been elected to do, and stop damaging the chances of a Democratic electoral victory in 2008.

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Tony said...

I listened to her harping about how Obama is not experienced enough to handle foreign affairs and would need a play book as if he was a total rookie. What makes her thinks she's more qualified?