Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards Leaves The Race

I am much less excited to report on John Edwards dropping out of the presidential race on the Democratic side. I wasn't really an "Edwards guy," but I like John Edwards a great deal, nonetheless.

Not sure what the conventional wisdom is on who this will help, but I say it helps Barack Obama. Both Edwards and Obama were positioned as the "anti-Hillary," and now that contingency could be consolidated. The media, naturally, is focused on race. They think this helps Clinton because white voters will now go to Hillary. I just don't see it this way. I don't think too many Dems were supporting Edwards because they wouldn't vote for a black man. That seems like pure media fantasy.

Frankly, I liked the idea that was floated a few days ago of John Edwards as Attorney General. I think that was coming from the Obama campaign.

I still don't have a strong preference between Clinton and Obama, so I am hoping the one-on-one debate this Thursday will be the deciding factor for me.


J. Marquis said...

I'm gonna predict Edwards goes for Hillary. He figures she has the best chance of winning the nomination and I'm sure he'd like a high-level post with the new administration.

Dave Splash said...

That is the pragmatic choice. I don't think she'd give him AG, but maybe Sec. of Labor.