Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another "Family Values" Pervert Exposed

Man, is this getting to be a common occurrence: a conservative, "family values" Republican who whines poetic about how sex in movies and other non-Christian things are hurting children and promoting a "deviant" agenda, is actually the kind of sexual deviant he rails against. In other words, a hypocrite. Or worse.

Daniel D. Thompson
created a company in Utah called Clean Flix that - without authorization from the copyright holders - edited out "objectionable" content from movies for rent. So, no sex, no drugs, no swearing. Nothing is edgier than an episode of Leave It To Beaver. The company was very successful in conservative Utah.

Well, Thompson was recently arrested for paying for sex with a minor. After his arrest, his business was raided, and guess what they found? Child porn. Wouldn't you know it? Mr. PG-13 liked 'em about age 13. Furthermore, he told the girls that his business was actually a front for producing child porn, and then he asked them to be filmed. What a great family man.

From the Salt Lake Tribune: Police found a "large quantity" of pornographic movies inside the business, along with a keg of beer, painkillers and two cameras hooked up to a television. Thompson told police he didn't know the teenagers were under 18 or that they were paid for sex. He said pornography found at the business was for "personal use," according to the documents.
I wonder if this guy was considering a run for Congress?


J. Marquis said...

Man, I love it. What a great story.

Dave Splash said...

It should almost be considered a rule. The louder someone talks about "family values" the more of a perv they actually are.