Monday, December 17, 2007

Dexter Season Two Wrap-Up

Last night's season finale of Dexter was as good as I was expecting, and did not end in either of the ways I had predicted yesterday. I was right that neither Lila nor Sgt. Doakes would make it to Season 3, but I was way off about how they would meet their demise.

I have to say that the writers did a great job of beating expectations, and throwing a huge curve ball at obsessive viewers like me who assumed we had it all figured out. I was definitely not expecting Lila to embrace the idea of Dexter being the Bay Harbor Butcher. When she stumbled upon Doakes in the cage, she refused to let him go. Instead, she turned the gas and the stove on and blew up the cabin, killing him instantly. Now, armed with the knowledge that Dexter is a serial killer, and the cop who knew the truth is dead, Lila assumed that Dexter would realize they were soul mates and could live happily ever after together. But since she is a crazy bitch, that was not exactly how it worked out.

Lila was a loose cannon and a loose end. Dexter had to kill her. Once Lila realized that this was to be her fate, the story took a sharp detour. She kidnapped Rita's kids to lure Dexter to her loft where she set the thing ablaze in an attempt to kill all of them, while she escaped. It almost worked, but Dexter's sister figured out the game plan and made it to Lila's in time to save Dexter.

Ultimately, Dexter's frame job of Doakes worked out. I felt bad for him and for LaGuerta who really had a tough time accepting her close friend could be a killer. Strange how only Dexter made it to the memorial service for Doakes. I guess that was his final tribute to the cop who actually caught him.

My only complaint with the ending came at the very end. Lila had escaped to France to start a new life, yet somehow, Dexter was able to find her in a matter of days. With all of the post-BHB activity going on, and the kids being kidnapped, and the Miami police department at a low point, how could Dexter slip away to France to find and kill Lila? I thought that was handled poorly. I liked the idea of Lila remaining alive and out there, being the only one who knows the truth about Dexter. It could have made for some interesting drama in a future season. Still, it is a minor complaint. I loved the finale and the season.

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