Monday, November 19, 2007

The Stupidest Idea in the History of Ideas

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has written the dumbest column in his long line of dumb columns. Today, he actually suggests that should Barack Obama get the Democratic nomination that he should keep Dick Cheney on as his VP. WTF?! Yeah, I know.

The reasoning? Well, it would balance Obama's Iran policy. Since Obama is in favor of diplomatic engagement with Iran, and Cheney is in favor of all-out war, Friedman somehow believes this would be a good course for the US to follow: "When it comes to how best to deal with Iran, each has half a policy — but if you actually put them together, they’d add up to an ideal U.S. strategy for Iran. Dare I say, they complete each other."

I am just in shock. I thought maybe Friedman was kidding, but he isn't. How does this guy still draw a paycheck?

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J. Marquis said...

What a frickin' idiot. It's not even a funny joke.