Sunday, November 25, 2007

Self Indulgent, Mindless Bullshit

I'm sitting here very late on Saturday night listening to some tunes ("Cold Hands Warm Heart" by Brendan Benson is currently playing), and I just felt like posting something. I just got back from a party that was supposed to be in celebration of a certain couple (who have recently moved) returning to town for the holidays. Only problem is that the couple didn't return -- only one of them did. Kinda changed the mood a little bit. I still had a good time, but I was disappointed that I was only able to hang out with one of them. I think one of our local news anchors was at the party. I'm not 100% sure since I don't watch much local news, but I thought that's what I overheard, and she did look sort of familiar.

Like I seem to always do lately, I made up an excuse to leave and bolted. I didn't have anywhere else to go, really. I just get to a point where I feel kinda claustrophobic in a party situation. It's lame, I know. I'm 36, I should have worked these things out by now. It was good seeing the couple of people that I wanted to see, but I am sort of over getting drunk, watching football, and talking about "good times" from 20 years ago. I need more good times in the present. I'll reminisce when I'm retired.

I have really sort of wasted this four-day holiday weekend. I got nothing accomplished. I was going to decorate my basement - didn't do it. I was going to complete my next podcast (#20) - didn't do it. I was going to start on yet another new exercise program - didn't do it. It's really sort of pathetic, actually. I don't even have anything prepared for my show tomorrow night (actually tonight, now. Oh, and "Shelter" by Cheap Trick is now playing). I feel like a big, lazy piece of shit. Kind of par for the course, lately.

I guess I'll keep plowing ahead until the 12th when I get to see Dinosaur Jr. at Slowdown (tix here). That is about all I have to look forward to. That, plus the cold and snow, and the general dreariness of winter. Real upbeat, eh? I know people love reading stuff like this!

I'm gonna wrap this up now. It could get really dark if I continued, and that's not something I feel like blogging about. How odd. Sparklehorse's "See The Light" just started.

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