Monday, November 19, 2007

My Thoughts on Last Night's 'Dexter'

Debra MorganHoly shit was Dexter great last night! I am so completely caught up in this season's storyline. I actually watched the episode twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. The search for the "Bay Harbor Butcher" is intensifying; and rather than hinder the investigation, the manifesto Dexter sent the police has given it focus. Special Agent Lundy realized that the purpose of the manifesto was to make the cops waste their time, so he deduced that the killer has a law enforcement background. This upsets the officers assigned to search for the "Butcher," as they can't imagine the killer could be one of them.

While digging through old case files attached to the victims of the BHB, Dexter's sister Debra and Detective Batista track down a next door neighbor of one victim. The guy is a little loony and takes notes about any suspicious activity he can see from his window. Turns out, he took notes on the day his neighbor was abducted and went missing -- and got a license plate number of the car the victim was taken in. After tracing the plate, the detectives worst suspicions are confirmed. The car had been impounded by the police days before the abduction, therefore only police officers would have had access to it. Lundy was right -- the killer is one of them.

Meanwhile, the suspended Sgt. Doakes broke into Dexter's apartment because he is convinced Dexter knows more than he is letting on. While snooping around, Doakes discovered Dexter's blood samples hidden in his air conditioner. This would be the "smoking gun" Doakes was looking for. The question is, will he realize what he has just discovered?

I was fairly certain that Dexter was going to kill Lila last night. While helping her clean up after the fire at her loft, Dex realized that the fire had multiple points of origin. She must have set it herself. Later, when Dexter and Lila leave Dex's bowling night, he is attacked and stabbed by the man who killed his mother. Dexter was naturally confused as to how he was able to track him down, and later discovered it was Lila who told him where they would be. Dexter, of course, had to kill the man later. However, this opened him up to more exposure, and Lila knows who the guy is and what he has done.

Doakes and Lila now have potentially incriminating evidence on Dexter, while Lundy and the Miami police are closing in on a suspect. I highly doubt Dexter will actually get caught, or how could the show continue. I suspect that Dexter will ultimately kill Lila for interfering in his life, and maybe even Lundy if he gets too close (though I am not quite as sure about that). My guess is that Doakes will be the one who goes down as the BHB (based on his suspension from the force and his angry reaction to being questioned), or Dexter will be killing him soon for finding his "trophies." There is no way he can survive this season without dying or going to jail.


J. Marquis said...

I finally got around to watching it this morning. It will be interesting to see how Dexter explains those blood slides.

Dave Splash said...

I didn't know you were a fellow Dexter fan, J. The trailer for the next episode don't look too good for Dex. Still, I think he will weasel out of it somehow.

J. Marquis said...

Oh yeah, me and the missus are huge Dexter fans. At first I felt a bit conflicted about rooting for a serial killer but as the show has progressed you can see he's not a sociopath but really a highly skilled vigilante. I feel like the show does a great job exploring issues like violence, justice and how people's personalities are formed.