Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Giuliani Claims He Would Be "First Jewish President" - This Jew Claims Otherwise

(Politico) Per the Jewish news service JTA, top Giuliani aide Ken Kurson told a Jewish audience last night in New York that if Bill Clinton was "the first black president," than the former New York mayor would be the first Jew to reach the White House.

Kurson was referring to Giuliani's support among Jews in New York and, presumably, his backing of Israel.

The aide, who co-authored "Leadership" with the former mayor, also noted that he's a proud Jewish gun owner.

The event was sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition and featured representatives from Romney and McCain, too.
This is wrong in so many ways. Giuliani is about as Jewish as J.D. Hayworth! First off, exactly how many members are in this Republican Jewish Coalition? I mean, besides Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle? Furthermore, can you name a federally elected official in the US of either party that does not "support Israel?" Jews should not vote Republican, it goes against their best interest. The GOP has been dominated for the last three decades by Christian zealots who only support Israel as part of their ludicrous interpretation of Christianity. The thing is, they support Israel so Jesus can return there, save the Christians, and damn everyone else on the planet. However, any Jew who remains a Jew will be not be "saved," and will spend an eternity in hell. Does this sound like a philosophy that is positive for Jews? Not bloody likely.

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