Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Conservative Authors Whine About Capitalism: Why Do They Hate America?

Five "prominent" conservative authors (including the Swift Boat guys) are suing conservative book publisher Regnery Publishing in a dispute over royalty payments. The dispute is focused around Regnery's selling of books at a discount to book clubs that they also own. When the books are sold at a discount, the royalty rate is reduced to the author. From the NY Times, "The authors argue that in reducing royalty payments, the publisher is maximizing its profits and the profits of its parent company at their expense."

Hmmmm. A corporation maximizing profits at the expense of its workers. Sounds horrible, right? No, my friends, that is capitalism; and conservatives have been complaining that lawsuits like these hurt business, hurt the economy, and are un-American. Perhaps these conservative "authors" should have read the fine print of the contract they signed. I'm sure it explained how they will be paid less or not at all for this type of sale. What are you guys, a bunch of Stalinists? How dare you ask to be paid fairly! That is not the American way.

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