Friday, November 30, 2007

Andy Card Says Karl Rove Is Full of Shit

Former Bush Administration Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, was on Morning Joe this morning. Host Joe Scarborough asked Card if Karl Rove was right when he blamed the Democrats for rushing to war in Iraq. Surprisingly, Card told the truth. Here's the transcript:

Joe Scarborough: We have to start with something we all were talking about a couple days ago, where Karl Rove went on Charlie Rose and he blamed the Democrats for pushing him and the president into war. Is that how it worked?

Andrew Card: No. That is not the way it worked.

Think Progress has video here.


J. Marquis said...

Nice to see there are lies even Card won't support.

Dave Splash said...

Only after he left his job, of course. Not when it mattered. Ari Fleischer also said Rove is full of it. Not sure what to make of that. That might be the only honest thing that guy has done so far this century.