Friday, October 5, 2007

You're Looking At My Weekend

My weekend is looking a little light again. As far as concerts go, all the action is in Lincoln this weekend for the Lincoln Calling Festival. I will not be attending since I have seen most of the bands already, and they all play in Omaha on a pretty regular basis. It would be fun, for sure, but I am not up for a festival.

I just got the official word that I will be interviewing Adam Franklin (ex-Swervedriver) tomorrow night for my radio show and podcast. Yeah! I need to prepare a bit for that because I want to use the interview to create a 20 min. segment on the radio show, and an entire podcast. I'm pretty excited since I've liked Swervedriver for around 15 years, and that new Adam Franklin solo CD, Bolts of Melody, is incredible.

I just discovered this video of Swervedriver from '98 performing on Australian TV:

I have every intention of finishing my next podcast this weekend, so that the next one can be dedicated to Adam and Swervedriver. I want to be able to preview it so that I get more listeners for the dedicated show. Sounds smart, right? That is my intention. But just like how Larry Craig intended to resign from the Senate after getting busted cruising for sex in airport mens rooms, and then decided not to quit, I am intending to finish the podcast. We'll see, I guess.

Moving on...two of my best friends here in town are moving away this weekend, making the exodus from Omaha nearly complete. There are fewer and fewer reasons for me to stay here, yet I still have no real plan for getting out. I really don't want to move again. I have already moved three times in the last seven years, and am not really psyched about doing it again. It takes a toll financially, for certain. Still, the idea is very much on my mind.

So, tonight I will work steadfastly on my podcast, taking a break only to watch Bill Maher's show at 10. Scrap that. I just checked his website to see who the guests are, and he is on hiatus this week. I guess I am taking no breaks tonight.

Hey, the new Okkervil River video is out:

Well, friends if I have anything to update over the weekend, I will. Make sure to check back for the new podcast Saturday night or Sunday morning.

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