Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Idaho Senator Larry "I'm not gay, I never have been gay" Craig (R-ID) has decided to serve out the rest of his Senate term, which ends January 2009. You, no doubt, remember Craig was arrested last June for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer in the men's room of the Minneapolis Airport. He ultimately plead guilty. He filed his plea about six weeks after the incident by sending the forms in the mail. According to him, however, that was not enough time for him to get a lawyer, so he made his "hasty" decision without the benefit of counsel.

Being a United States Senator, Mr. Craig was not fully able to understand the ramifications of pleading guilty to a crime. Makes sense, right? He only writes laws, he's never had to actually follow them. So, Craig wanted a do-over and asked to withdraw his plea. The judge in Minneapolis said no.

Despite being stripped of all his committee assignments by the Republican leadership (because they can't have a "gay" on a committee), Craig wants to serve out the rest of his term, and he "...hope(s) this provides the certainty Idaho needs and deserves." Yes, sir, it probably does.

Looks like we will have Larry Craig to kick around for a few more months. The pressing question at this point is, will Craig be given a role at the 2008 Republican convention in Minneapolis? I'd suggest bathroom monitor!


Lance said...

bathroom monitor...haaaaaa

Dave Splash said...

I know, right.