Monday, September 24, 2007

Taking A Break From The Concert Scene Tonight

I'm thinking about skipping both "big" shows tonight here in O-Town. Ordinarily, I'd love to see Redman (at Slowdown) or The Good Life (at Waiting Room), but I am so freakin' exhausted from last night's radio show, that I am going to turn in early instead.

I found out last night that my show has been cited for FCC violations for doing a "call to action" on air. Because the station is a non-com, DJs are prohibited from advocating going to events or buying albums or whatever. I thought that I was sort of straddling the line between what was allowed and what was prohibited, but I guess not. Still, it is hard to talk about an album without using any affirmative words. I got a stern warning last night. So, I tried extra hard not to do anything resembling a call to action. I think that minor stress caused me to have problems falling asleep last night. Hence, I am tired today.

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