Friday, September 21, 2007

Prospects For This Weekend Looking Less Than Stellar

For my money, it's kind of a slow weekend for concerts. That's actually okay since I got my fix this week with St. Vincent. There is a possibility on Saturday with New Zealand band The Brunettes. I gave their new CD, Structure and Cosmetics, a brief listen and it sounded pretty good. Apparently, they have already played here twice opening for other artists. I didn't remember. Regardless, they are playing in the front room of The Slowdown (aka Slowdown Jr). Tickets are still available for $10. You might see me there.

I won't be seeing the Nebraska game against Ball State this weekend since it is only available on pay-per-view. However, after the humiliating defeat the Huskers suffered last week at the hands of USC, I'm not sure I even want to see the game. I am not willing to pay even $1 to watch this battle of gridiron jokers. I'll watch a movie instead.

I am going to try and complete my next podcast this weekend, and with the reduced activity schedule, I should have the time.

Post more when I have more.

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