Monday, August 6, 2007

Rudy Giuliani's Daughter Backs Barack Obama

Rudy Giuliani is hated by his kids. This has been well documented. He publicly humiliated his second wife (the kids' mother), and has never made peace with his children since that incident. Now it has come to light that Rudy's daughter, Caroline, is backing Barack Obama for president. She's not even backing her own father! If the people who know him best, don't want him to be president, don't you think the American people should be skeptical of such a man?


Snave said...

Giuliani is a turd.

I think that if the Dems wanted to smear The Mayor, all they would have to do is emphasize a few items here and there from his personal life. It would be like a gold mine of stuff that would be against the "values" for which the GOP claims it stands.

It would be fun to watch the bamboozled Republican voters rush to Giuliani's defense, even in the face of allegations of insensitive disregard for his second wife, and the in light of the more obvious things such as his being pro-choice and his not having major problems with gay issues.

I doubt his kids would participate in campaign ads against him, but wouldn't that be sweet?

Come on, lefties... there are plenty of skeletons in Republican closets. We need to be digging and mounting media campaigns, because you know damned well that's what we will see from the right-wing media, non-stop, if (or maybe WHEN) Hillary Clinton gets the nomination.

Dave Splash said...

Giuliani is such a light weight on so many levels, that having such strong personal baggage stuff to attack him with is just icing on the cake. Giuliani is a creep, and not a smart guy. I've seen through this guy since day one, and I think most voters will, too. Those that don't were likely fooled by Bush as well.